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Autism Live Training with Richard Maguire

Speaking engagements

I will be speaking at West Wycombe Village Hall on 9th June 2018 West Wycombe Village Hall are opening their doors to parents and carers interested in hearing advice on how to help themselves handle difficult situations when working or living with individuals on the autistic spectrum. Starting at 11am, […]

Autism Trainer and Mentor Buckinghamshire Richard Maguire

Autism Live Training Brochure

If you would like a brochure listing CV (and book details) for Autism Live Training please click here to contact Richard Maguire Autism Live Training sessions are available UK-wide for organisations as part of CPD (continuous professional development) or on a one-to-one basis with families and individuals. Walk with me…

Talking Pictures With Charter Photography

My name is Richard Maguire of Autism Live Training. I have been autistic all of my life. I live and work in Aylesbury and Buckinghamshire as an autistic mentor for young and old. Marcus Charter took my website portrait picture and asked if I would blog about my love of photography. […]

To Feel The Moment

Just for once I would like to approach something like a non autistic person. I just want to instantly like something and feel something about it and not have to work through all manner of technicalities and work out what I feel about is some time in the future when […]

To Feel Peace

For once I would like to feel peace. My normal emotion is anxiety which is the constant companion of autism. Maybe if I felt peace I might find my life back in autism unbearable so maybe I won’t feel peace.

A Simple Trust

Quiet, simple, unspoken, understood. Shawn of all complexity, devoid of ambiguity, social cues removed. Spoken in the silence; understood.   This is really all that is needed to come along side autistic people. It helps lots with distressed neurotypical people also. Although they may need help knowing and understanding the […]

Richard Maguire is at the Heart of Autism Training

I have been autistic for 48 years. Over the years I learned to handle the way I see and deal with life. Outbursts of rage born from the ridicule of not being valued led to self-harm and low esteem. I need not spur your sympathy. I survived…

We all have special needs.

And after three decades of working in the social care industry I repeatedly wondered why medication was so freely offered as a remedy.  One size does not fit all.

I design a bespoke programme for every person I meet

Most often undiagnosed individuals that have an inability to accept themselves – Tried everything and everyone? My work as an independent consultant means I am available to come alongside anyone feeling dysfunctional and offer an ability to cope. Walk with me – is my philosophy.