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What is Autism?

Autism, or Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is a brain disorder that affects social interaction, communication and behaviour. ASD covers a range of disorders including Asperger’s syndrome, and varies in severity from person to person. Autism is relatively common in the UK, affecting around 1% of the population; it usually manifests in early childhood and stays with a person throughout their life.


Is there a cure for Autism Spectrum Disorder?

There is no “cure” as such but there are treatment options available to help children and adults improve their social, communicative, cognitive and behavioural skills.


How can Richard’s approach help?

Being on the Autism Spectrum himself, Richard has developed methods to cope with everyday life and deal with certain situations. Richard assesses each person individually, as all types of ASD require different treatment methods, and comes up with a plan to help those affected improve their lives. Sessions can be on a one to one basis, coming up with strategies to help those with ASD tackle challenging situations, or can include mentoring for families or teachers who may not know the best way to help those in their care.


Does Richard treat people of any age?

Yes. Autism typically manifests itself at a young age but can become more pronounced when a child reaches puberty. Richard develops programmes to suit the age of the child, the stage that they are at and the situations they are finding difficult. He also mentors adults, who may have grown up with autism but not received the help they needed, or those finding out for the first time that they actually have a disorder.


How much does Autism Live Training cost?

Richard charges exceptionally reasonable rates in order to be affordable by all – please call 07840 344957 or email cycle.nut@hotmail.co.uk for details.

Please bear in mind, as Richard is Autistic he may not respond promptly to enquiries, if you require an immediate response please contact Dr Michelle Challenger and her team at JH Tutorials in Aylesbury, who support Richard and handle his bookings.

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