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Wherever you are on planet earth, I can help you. My philosophy ‘let’s walk’ during one to one sessions enables a freedom of trust to develop between myself and the person/s struggling to communicate.

Walking alongside you under an open sky, without the restriction of staring eyes or solid walls and closed doors (where most sensory overloaded people meltdown or shutdown) pain is abandoned. Similarly, those being mentored remotely (via email, text or Skype) are able to stay anonymous.

I use active listening, followed by working out a framework to suit specific situations (not one size fits all). Using experience of working in the industry for many years, I understand what official stages have been put in place and how they have broken down.

But in order start, I need to know who you are:

  1. People – of any age
  2. Parents – including families and carers
  3. Organisations – schools, hospitals, police, care workers

Call 07840 344957 to talk to me about being a happy autistic.