Autism Live Training

Helping you understand Autism

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We've written a comprehensive account on what it’s like living with Autism. Get your copy and start to understand life from an Autistic perspective.

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We understand Autism because we're autistic

We set up Autism Live Training with the conviction that an Autistic person has the best understanding and therefore provides the best training. All our trainers are autistic with a specialist interest in autism. We have over 80 years' combined experience working with autism in the team and backgrounds in counselling, social care, education, business and service development.

We work in autistic friendly venues covering Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire and if needs be, UK wide.

We have trained staff in schools, police forces, care homes and Universities for decades - giving a first-hand account of learning to live with, and work alongside, people on the Autistic Spectrum.

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Family Seminars

Providing support for families and carers

These seminars are ideal for family members or carers who wish to gain deeper insights into how their autistic child, young person or adult percives the world and might be feeling. You'll understand the reasons for their behaviour and how best to communicate with them.

Get answers in a friendly group setting with like-minded people. Hear how our proven tactics are designed to help avoid misunderstandings and meltdowns.

Learn valuable techniques created to move forward with improved understanding.

What you say...

‘We don't have enough of this type of support’

‘Articulate and enlightening’

‘So helpful, thank you!’


Practitioner Seminars

Improving practice for professionals

Do you work with children, young adults and older people who are on the Autistic Spectrum?

We designed this half-day seminar for neuro-typical people to share our professional insight on how to work effectively with autistic individuals. If you wish to better support your clients in day to day activities, this seminar is for you.

Attendees will have the chance to ask questions and hopefully be empowered to deliver improved and longer lasting outcomes.

What you say...

‘Seriously, one of the best 90 minutes of CPD I’ve had in years! Please pass on my huge thanks.’
Dr. Matthew Stephenson, Consultant Psychiatrist, Oxford Health NHS FT

‘Richard was amazing and had our staff spellbound, including myself! I have never listened to anyone who was able to put over, in understandable analogies, what living with autism is like. He has changed what we all understand about Autism.’
Sheryn Brodie, Training Co-ordinator Loddon School

‘Thank you, very helpful, a real insight. I will manage meltdowns with a greater understanding as a professional. I will ‘be there’.’
Lisa Robinson


Professional Speaking

Sharing experience-based understanding

Our trainers are confident and experienced professional speakers well versed in sharing their fascinating insights into the autistic world view with large, professional, neurotypical audiences. Using stories and examples, they take the listener on a journey into the autistic mind and showcases simple strategies and techniques that enhance professional practice.

If you have an audience of academics, healthcare professionals, public service workers, educationalists or anyone else with a professional interest in improving their understanding of Autism, hit the Book button to start a conversation about engaging us to speak to that audience.

‘A professional can explain Autism, but there’s far more credibility if an autistic person explains it, and the combination of the two is phenomenal – it’s not 6 + 6, it’s 6 x 6 in the sense of the power.’
Professor T Attwood, author of 'The Complete Guide to Asperger’s Syndrome'


Peer Mentoring

At Autism Live Training, we are Autistic. We have lived the struggles and enjoyed the benefits of this condition, but we know that many people are still struggling to find their place in the world.

Whether you’re struggling with your own diagnosis or your child’s, or you think you may be autistic, we are here to help with mentoring. We can talk you through diagnosis, anxiety, school struggles, balancing your home life, personal relationships, and family development, in a one-to-one, or family session. We want to help encourage successful and fulfilling autistic lives and bring understanding to families, of a condition that is so often misunderstood.

We are currently providing mentoring sessions in person or online, via Skype and Zoom. If you have questions or would like to book a session you can get in contact using the button below or our email from the Contact page.